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“No Regrets”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“No Regrets”

What if she’d married someone else?
She ponders to herself.
What if he had wed another?
They’d each be someone else.
If given time, and time enough,
They both begin to mold
Each one unto the other
As their lives together grow.
One day they wake and find themselves
Unlike the way they were
So very many years ago-
Because of him? Because of her?
What lives were never found? she asks,
Because they both had met.
But what about the life they’ve made-
One she’d choose to not forget.
Churning water under bridges,
Many unpaved, bumpy roads.
Too much time thus spent together
To ever think of letting go.
We each can claim our lost and founds
And think of those we never met-
But years become a history
And I have surely no regrets.