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“His Majesty In The Mountains”…..Lyrics by Lynda

“His Majesty In The Mountains”

‘Twas told to me not long ago
That in a garden,fair,
You’d surely find the Heart of God
If you’d but tarry there…..

That all throughout the Bible
Many gardens do abound,
And in among the flowers,
God’s Spirit can be found.

I do not doubt that this be true.
For yes, indeed I know
God truly loves a garden
As the Scriptures clearly show.

But, I too, know a special place
I feel our God to be:
For high upon the mountain tops
Dwells He, majestically.

‘Tis in among the lilies
One sees His gentler side,
But deep within the mountains
The strength of God abides.

And in the gardens many,
His compassion can be found;
For amidst His blooming tulips,
He never wears His frown.

But on the rolling hillsides,
The meadows green and still,
Among the cattle grazing there
The Peace of God prevails.

And so, for some it may be true-
Within a garden’s walls,
Among the perfumed blossoms there,
You hear Him gently call.

Not so for me. I see His face
Upon a mountain’s wall.
And in the valleys stretched below
I see Him there the best of all.