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“How Long Is Forever?”

I know of such an awful thing
That makes me want to cry.
And once again I’m asking
Oh God, in Heaven, why?

Some lives are changed forever-
They’ll never be the same.
They’ll carry grief forever
And always feel to blame.

Today at early evening
Before the darkness fell,
I went to look beyond my porch
To see if all was well.

The autumn leaves have fallen,
The woods are deep but clear.
I can see our mountain town
And its lights from over here.

It’s very calm and peaceful
‘Cept some rustling in the leaves-
I pierce the darkening stillness
And see the deer beneath the trees.

They’re beautiful and agile,
I watch for quite a while.
They make the scene so simple
And tempt me so to smile.

I felt content and happy
But then remembered grief.
The deer knew nothing of it
So journeyed on among the leaves.

In standing here, I’m guilty
Of wanting to forget
Someone else’s sorrow-
And sure I’ll pay a debt
For wanting to be happy
And grateful mine are well-
But how can that be so,
When they are still in hell.

How long is long enough
To mourn the loss of those
Who can’t be called my ‘very own’-
But yet I surely know.

What would Heaven want of me?
What would be correct?
I will mourn their loss forever
And my heart will not forget.


For the Love of…

The blog for this week concerns why do I put this ending under so many of my poems. In all of my writing, the thing I like most to do is to write about the lives of others. What is making other people happy, their life situations and circumstances, and /or what effect they have had on me. So many people have stirred within me a profound sense of emotion and pure awe. Some of them I know, others I only know of.  They may be relatives, friends, or someone I have never met. Many have touched my life in ways they know nothing of. Their struggle, or their grief, or what they had to overcome has spurred me to want to remember them in a poem. And so I have. And many times.

Often my “For Love Of”s come at the end of a poem about my love for someone. I have written many about my three lovely and beautiful daughters and at the end of each, I will put “For Love Of” this particular daughter.  Some go at the end of verses written about my husband such as in the poem “The Present”, or the one titled “The Highway Man”. “And Now A Little Boy” is for the love of my adorable little grandson and granddaughter.

And then there are those who have inspired me so, brought me to tears, held me in the palm of their own life, and made me vow to never forget them. Here are but a few…..

“The Sacrifice”….about a young mother who decides to allow herself to drown at sea in order to save her little boy.
“Strong Survivor”….the enduring strength of a widow.
“Why”…..a little baby dies of crib death.
“And Then I Wake And You Are Gone”….the story about a young girl who loses her best friend.
“Dark Hours”….a womans’s last few hours with her husband.
“Unborn Soul”….for women everywhere.
“Hanging On”……a woman endures such suffering and pain.

Their stories are never ending because life is never ending. It stops for no one, leaving us with no choice but to cope and endure, and for so many, this is asking almost the impossible. I want to write about them, remember them, admire their strengths, and be so thankful to have been influenced by how they are dealing with their nearly impossible fates. I want to express my love by saying, “For Love Of” this amazing person!!  Hope to see you next time.