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“His Majesty In The Mountains”…..Lyrics by Lynda

“His Majesty In The Mountains”

‘Twas told to me not long ago
That in a garden,fair,
You’d surely find the Heart of God
If you’d but tarry there…..

That all throughout the Bible
Many gardens do abound,
And in among the flowers,
God’s Spirit can be found.

I do not doubt that this be true.
For yes, indeed I know
God truly loves a garden
As the Scriptures clearly show.

But, I too, know a special place
I feel our God to be:
For high upon the mountain tops
Dwells He, majestically.

‘Tis in among the lilies
One sees His gentler side,
But deep within the mountains
The strength of God abides.

And in the gardens many,
His compassion can be found;
For amidst His blooming tulips,
He never wears His frown.

But on the rolling hillsides,
The meadows green and still,
Among the cattle grazing there
The Peace of God prevails.

And so, for some it may be true-
Within a garden’s walls,
Among the perfumed blossoms there,
You hear Him gently call.

Not so for me. I see His face
Upon a mountain’s wall.
And in the valleys stretched below
I see Him there the best of all.


“A Child’s Christmas”……Lyrics by Lynda

” A Child’s Christmas”

To view another Christmas
Through the eyes of children small,
To feel their wonder and excitement
Over anything at all.

To live again the marvel
When first you saw a tree,
Unbelieving of its beauty,
In your house for all to see.

“Look momma at the angel”,
(Sitting high upon a branch),
“And all the lights are twinkling
Like a ballerina dance.”

Then, too, the decorations
In the home, the stores, the street…
So great his fascination,
“Can I touch them please?” he squeaks.

The aromas known to Christmas,
Rich with cinnamon and spice,
The little child is asking
“What smells so sweet and nice?”

And on that day of baking
Those cookies, pies, and breads,
A toddler comes a’ begging
For that cookie “dressed in red”!

And every night, they go to bed-
Such questions in their eyes!
“Do you really think he’ll bring
That doll that blinks and cries?”

How incredible the fantasy-
A jolly bearded man
Making toys and raising reindeer
In a snowy, distant land,

Who visits every little child
Real late on Christmas Eve,
Leaving dolls and trucks and bikes
To all who still believe.

Then off he rides upon his sleigh,
His reindeer at the head.
And leaving every house, he waves
To those all tucked in bed.

In the midst, each mother tries
To tell of long ago:
“One Christmas Day a babe was born
And His name you need to know.”

So thus beside each Christmas tree
There lays a manger scene
In hopes that little children
Will learn what Christmas means.

But think I do it must be hard
For one so small to see
The joy of Someone’s birthday
With those presents ‘neath the tree!

And yet surprised we moms have been
When Christmas Eve is done,
When Santa’s notes are written
And his snack left out in fun,

When then we tuck our toddler in,
His mind a blur of toys,
We thrill to hear him whisper low,
“Happy Birthday, Jesus boy!”

“The Request”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“The Request”

He had fallen in love for a second time,
Never plotting or planning that her he would find.
Nor had he wished it would ever occur:
In love as he was with the wife he adored.

Without any warning, she was suddenly there
And surprisingly so, he found that he cared.
Revealing the truth to his wife, who was shocked,
She asked him to leave and bolted the lock.

Soon after, he learned that his lover was ill
And determined to stay and love her until…..
He asked of his wife could he go for awhile
To be with his other through difficult trials.

And when it was over, he’d want to return
To be with his wife where his passion still burned.
She gave him his leave and bid him goodbye-
Angry and heartsick, for days she would cry.

His lover lived on a few months and was gone,
He aimlessly wandered, just getting along.
Till finally he made his way back to her door
And begged to come home like it all was before.

But the time apart had forced her to be
Independent and strong, successfully free.
She said it was over; it would no longer work.
She had dealt with the tears and conquered the hurt.

Her life had gone on although he had left,
His turn had come to deal with the rest.
The grief was now his, the aloneness in life,
For thus he had neither: not lover nor wife.

“No Regrets”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“No Regrets”

What if she’d married someone else?
She ponders to herself.
What if he had wed another?
They’d each be someone else.
If given time, and time enough,
They both begin to mold
Each one unto the other
As their lives together grow.
One day they wake and find themselves
Unlike the way they were
So very many years ago-
Because of him? Because of her?
What lives were never found? she asks,
Because they both had met.
But what about the life they’ve made-
One she’d choose to not forget.
Churning water under bridges,
Many unpaved, bumpy roads.
Too much time thus spent together
To ever think of letting go.
We each can claim our lost and founds
And think of those we never met-
But years become a history
And I have surely no regrets.

“A Reason”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“A Reason”

Disbelief, heartache, grief, and despair,
Much pain to endure, such crosses to bear.
Anxiety, confusion, animosity, feuds,
Mortality for certain, a brief interlude.
Where lies the beauty that makes it worthwhile?
In the midst of life’s chaos, a little child smiles.

“And From This Web, The Dew”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“And From This Web, The Dew”

This woeful web of dailiness
That comes to plague us all
Must exist to catch the dew
That sometimes sweetly falls.

There’s never any way to know
If, amid our grueling day,
There’ll come a moment so exquisite,
We pause to see it pass our way.

And should we be unwilling
Each day to persevere,
Our blinded eyes would fail to see
The dew that may have settled near.

So often, it is silent,
Unnoticed by the rest;
Below an office window,
A robin builds her nest.
How great the chance to be above-
Where oft’ we are below-
To view the birth of baby birds
And then to watch them grow.

Or maybe on a wintry day,
A cold and snowy morn,
You marvel how the world is dressed
In virgin white throughout the storm.

And just as gently as the dew
Drifts in to settle round,
Perhaps a friend should chance to say
A word to turn your frown.

Or maybe on a busy day
Amid a set routine-
There, suddenly, the hand of God
You know you felt, unseen.
And with great appreciation
You marvel how He cared.
The warmth you felt in knowing that
In all the world, He saw “you” there.

And so come hence, you woeful web;
Do spin yourself anew.
Come hither unto me each day
And I will catch your dew!