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“No Regrets”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“No Regrets”

What if she’d married someone else?
She ponders to herself.
What if he had wed another?
They’d each be someone else.
If given time, and time enough,
They both begin to mold
Each one unto the other
As their lives together grow.
One day they wake and find themselves
Unlike the way they were
So very many years ago-
Because of him? Because of her?
What lives were never found? she asks,
Because they both had met.
But what about the life they’ve made-
One she’d choose to not forget.
Churning water under bridges,
Many unpaved, bumpy roads.
Too much time thus spent together
To ever think of letting go.
We each can claim our lost and founds
And think of those we never met-
But years become a history
And I have surely no regrets.


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My interview with the TogiNet Radio station can now be listened to via my book’s website which is http://www.lyndaslanterns.com in the Media section. Just click onto that section. Take a peek for me!

“Inwardly Speaking” Lyrics by Lynda

I wrote this when I was expecting my 3rd baby, and now that 3rd baby is expecting her first one and will find out the sex this week. Life has come full circle yet again. I signed it way back then “we love you, little one”, and once again, this is for her.

“Inwardly Speaking”

You came to us when God stepped in
And said we weren’t to question Him,
But that He wanted you to “be”-
So now, today, you’re part of me.

In truthfulness, it took some time
To comprehend that you were mine.
For many moons have risen high
Since last I sang a lullaby.

But on the day you leave this mold,
When then I see I’m not too old,
The joy I felt each birth before
I know I’ll feel, again, once more.

So fear you not, my little one,
For in the spring the day will come
When I will hold you close to me
And you will feel my love for thee.

And in a cradle you will sleep,
While Mommy tries her best to keep
Her tears of wondrous love, somehow
From tumbling down upon your brow.

But as for now, you’re still so small-
The time of year is only fall.
The dreary days of winter months
Must pass before you’re born to us.

And so, my sweet, I pray to Him
Who planted you so deep within,
That every day will mean to you
The perfect growth of something new.

And I will do my very best
To keep you safe inside your nest.
We’ll work together still as one
Till nature says our job is done.

And on the day that you are born
They’ll wrap you up to keep you warm.
And when they lay you by my side
Once more, I’ll hum a lullaby.
And now, we love “your little one”.

“Dear Friend” Lyrics by Lynda

“Dear Friend”

I suffered long, but now I’m free;
To mourn is wrong, for I’m with Thee.
He saw my pain and called me Home
To live again with those I’d known.
Don’t be frightened; do not fear-
Your load is lightened when you’re Here.
Such peace and joy I can’t recall,
No sorrow, pain, or tears at all.
With perfect wisdom one can see
His plan for all Eternity:
At last to know and understand
What still confuses earthly man.

It wasn’t hard to pass Beyond
When once I knew my life was gone.
I quickly saw a lighted door,
And there appeared the Holy Lord.
He smiled away my many sins;
Then warmly helped me enter In.
And proudly He did show me round;
Then told me where to settle down.
He said He’d saved this place for me,
And forever this is where I’d be…

And to my wonder it did hold
The many things I’d loved of old.
Then suddenly, I realized
When then I dared to meet His eyes,
The me I’d been and known back there,
Before I died and journeyed Here,
Is still the me that stands here now.
For out of love for me, somehow,
He let the treasures of my heart
Be not lost or torn apart.
For all around where I’m to be
Are all the things held dear to me.

And then He said it’s time He went
Since now, I knew what Heaven meant.
And anytime I needed Him,
He’d know and quickly step within.
I said how much I felt at home,
Not lost or feeling all alone.
I thanked Him; then He turned to go,
Knowing that I loved Him so.

And so my dear, belov’ed friend,
My death, you see, was not the end.
Dry your tears; don’t weep for me-
I was…I am…I’ll be…

“The Sacrifice”……..Lyrics By Lynda


They were playing in the ocean,
A mother and her sons.
A warm and sultry summer’s day,
A bit of harmless fun.

Too suddenly it happened,
Not a warning nor a sign-
Like an undersea tornado
It sucked them out in little time.

The older boy was strongest,
Pulling free—-his mom implored
That he try to swim to safety,
So he headed back to shore.

Vowing he would save them both,
Yet his race for help was slow-
Exhausted by his struggle
And still so far to go.

Her little one was floundering,
Too young to hold his own.
He couldn’t tread the water
Nor could he swim alone.

She knew the chance was very slim
That help would come in time.
To save her son from drowning,
She would leave herself behind.

She’d put him on her shoulders
And show him how to clap
The water with his little hands
And stay afloat like that.

She’d be underneath the water
And would fight to hold her breath,
But she would die so he could live-
It was all that she had left.

In tears she kissed her son goodbye
And trying to be brave
She placed him on her shoulders,
And slipped beneath the waves.

The rescue team was summoned
By the son who swam to shore.
Arriving out to sea, they found
His little brother, only four.

He was clapping at the water
And sobbing, yet alive.
Too late to save their mother-
She had known she’d not survive.

In dying, she had given life,
No greater one can be.
Her sons are living tributes
To that choice she made at sea.
In memory of the woman who did this!

Why the use of lanterns?

The topic this week for my book, Lanterns of the Soul, concerns why do I use lanterns. I love lanterns! I love the way their light casts in such a soft and reflective manner. They don’t generally give off a lot of light, sometimes just a glimmer of light, enough to see just a little. Some of them will shimmer directly on something, letting you see it in a little more detail from other things around it. Lanterns have a way of drawing me to them, to look further at what they are shining on. I don’t think I have ever seen a lantern I didn’t think was pretty. Therefore, they are able to put me, or others, in a better mood for viewing what they are beaming on. Their gentle and delicate glow always seems to soften their point of interest.
A soul is buried deep within a person and needs a light to shine into it in order to see what is going on in there. If you want someone to willingly open up or reveal something of themselves, you don’t shine a bright or glaring light at them. Rather, you give them a soft, nonthreatening type of light and one that might give them the benefit of the doubt with what they have to offer….you give them a lantern!
A lot of my poems reveal my inner self, and if I’m going to put myself in such a vulnerable position, I want it done with a soft and forgiving light…I want a lantern!  Thus, the name Lanterns of the Soul.  Each chapter directly deals with a subject matter concerning part of a person’s individuality or personality, whethere it be mine or someone else’s, such as family, faith, or mortality. Therefore, I have phrased it as a Lantern on Family, Lantern on Faith and so on. It’s a lantern or a peek on these issues or topics.
Here is a short poem unveiling a piece of my inner self, but only with my lantern flickering its light on it.

Although the sky seems blue, ’tis not,
And do we see the wind a lot?
We don’t. For only in the swaying trees
Is shown the wind to you and me.

A mountain looming far and still
Would seem to be but o’re that hill.
When of’t we hope that something’s near,
We sadly learn ’twas never here.

If dare I seek to read your heart,
Because I’ve known you from the start,
Invariably, I’ll read you wrong
While sure I knew you all along.

And wonder I how well we know
That part of us that never shows.
How deep goes truth till fantasy
Disguises true reality?

See you next time!
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