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“His Majesty In The Mountains”…..Lyrics by Lynda

“His Majesty In The Mountains”

‘Twas told to me not long ago
That in a garden,fair,
You’d surely find the Heart of God
If you’d but tarry there…..

That all throughout the Bible
Many gardens do abound,
And in among the flowers,
God’s Spirit can be found.

I do not doubt that this be true.
For yes, indeed I know
God truly loves a garden
As the Scriptures clearly show.

But, I too, know a special place
I feel our God to be:
For high upon the mountain tops
Dwells He, majestically.

‘Tis in among the lilies
One sees His gentler side,
But deep within the mountains
The strength of God abides.

And in the gardens many,
His compassion can be found;
For amidst His blooming tulips,
He never wears His frown.

But on the rolling hillsides,
The meadows green and still,
Among the cattle grazing there
The Peace of God prevails.

And so, for some it may be true-
Within a garden’s walls,
Among the perfumed blossoms there,
You hear Him gently call.

Not so for me. I see His face
Upon a mountain’s wall.
And in the valleys stretched below
I see Him there the best of all.


“The Architects” Lyrics by Lynda

“The Architects”

The architect was brilliant;
His design a masterpiece-
Complete with stained glass windows,
Considered quite a feat.

Its pillars made of marble,
And rooms adorned with gold,
Exquisite, modern hallways
Invited young and old.

Towering high among the trees,
Silhouetted o’re the town,
A landmark for its people
And viewed for miles around.

Many hours far from here
Beyond this concrete maze,
Another busy architect
Constructs with little praise.

His buildings are the mountains
Rising tall and just as strong.
They too are silhouetted
On the clouds that journey on.

The rooms, replaced by meadows,
No hallways, only trails.
The roof, an endless skyline
Allowing wind the space to sail.

Void of stained glass windows,
This builder chose to use
The brilliance of a sunset
Ablaze with vivid hues.

Two architects among us,
Each has given of himself.
We hold our own opinions
Which art holds greater wealth.

The tragedy I offer,
The wrong we should not trod,
Occurs when handiworks of man
Invade the art of God.

“Dear Friend” Lyrics by Lynda

“Dear Friend”

I suffered long, but now I’m free;
To mourn is wrong, for I’m with Thee.
He saw my pain and called me Home
To live again with those I’d known.
Don’t be frightened; do not fear-
Your load is lightened when you’re Here.
Such peace and joy I can’t recall,
No sorrow, pain, or tears at all.
With perfect wisdom one can see
His plan for all Eternity:
At last to know and understand
What still confuses earthly man.

It wasn’t hard to pass Beyond
When once I knew my life was gone.
I quickly saw a lighted door,
And there appeared the Holy Lord.
He smiled away my many sins;
Then warmly helped me enter In.
And proudly He did show me round;
Then told me where to settle down.
He said He’d saved this place for me,
And forever this is where I’d be…

And to my wonder it did hold
The many things I’d loved of old.
Then suddenly, I realized
When then I dared to meet His eyes,
The me I’d been and known back there,
Before I died and journeyed Here,
Is still the me that stands here now.
For out of love for me, somehow,
He let the treasures of my heart
Be not lost or torn apart.
For all around where I’m to be
Are all the things held dear to me.

And then He said it’s time He went
Since now, I knew what Heaven meant.
And anytime I needed Him,
He’d know and quickly step within.
I said how much I felt at home,
Not lost or feeling all alone.
I thanked Him; then He turned to go,
Knowing that I loved Him so.

And so my dear, belov’ed friend,
My death, you see, was not the end.
Dry your tears; don’t weep for me-
I was…I am…I’ll be…