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“A Child’s Christmas”……Lyrics by Lynda

” A Child’s Christmas”

To view another Christmas
Through the eyes of children small,
To feel their wonder and excitement
Over anything at all.

To live again the marvel
When first you saw a tree,
Unbelieving of its beauty,
In your house for all to see.

“Look momma at the angel”,
(Sitting high upon a branch),
“And all the lights are twinkling
Like a ballerina dance.”

Then, too, the decorations
In the home, the stores, the street…
So great his fascination,
“Can I touch them please?” he squeaks.

The aromas known to Christmas,
Rich with cinnamon and spice,
The little child is asking
“What smells so sweet and nice?”

And on that day of baking
Those cookies, pies, and breads,
A toddler comes a’ begging
For that cookie “dressed in red”!

And every night, they go to bed-
Such questions in their eyes!
“Do you really think he’ll bring
That doll that blinks and cries?”

How incredible the fantasy-
A jolly bearded man
Making toys and raising reindeer
In a snowy, distant land,

Who visits every little child
Real late on Christmas Eve,
Leaving dolls and trucks and bikes
To all who still believe.

Then off he rides upon his sleigh,
His reindeer at the head.
And leaving every house, he waves
To those all tucked in bed.

In the midst, each mother tries
To tell of long ago:
“One Christmas Day a babe was born
And His name you need to know.”

So thus beside each Christmas tree
There lays a manger scene
In hopes that little children
Will learn what Christmas means.

But think I do it must be hard
For one so small to see
The joy of Someone’s birthday
With those presents ‘neath the tree!

And yet surprised we moms have been
When Christmas Eve is done,
When Santa’s notes are written
And his snack left out in fun,

When then we tuck our toddler in,
His mind a blur of toys,
We thrill to hear him whisper low,
“Happy Birthday, Jesus boy!”


“Christmas Passing”……Lyrics by Lynda

“Christmas Passing”

To leave us here on Christmas Day
With broken hearts and wondering why…
Of all the times to go away,
Of all the days to bid goodbye.
Our grieving souls are deep in pain,
So blinded by these endless tears.
If only you could come again,
If only you could join us here.

But “is” it such an awful thing
For “him” who must depart,
To see, firsthand, the angels sing
Their carols on such holy harps?
For surely at this time of year,
A wreath is hung with care
On Heaven’s door to beckon near
Those whose journey takes them There.

And maybe just inside its Gates
There stands so great a tree-
And perched within its branches wait
Snow-white doves for all to see.
Atop its leaves are silver bells
That never cease to ring-
They have a message for to tell
And this they seem to sing.

And there upon its highest limb
There stands a brilliant star-
The one that shone o’er Bethlehem
To guide those from afar.
But Here it shines forevermore,
And still to mark the Place
Where we can go to yet adore
The One who dwells in Awe and Grace.
Perhaps inside- such brilliant lights
Do surely deck the halls
To reassure there is no night
While spreading warmth to all.

And there sits He whose birthday is
Remembered o’er the earth;
And Here such joy it seems is His
While all recall His Holy birth.
For surely Heaven celebrates
In a way we’ve never seen-
Such rejoicing inside its Gates
Is more than we could dream.
For such an honor it must be
To be called to pass that Way-
A chosen one, and thus to see
Heaven’s joy on Christmas Day.