“Scattered Flowers”…..Lyrics by Lynda

“Scattered Flowers”

Where have all the flowers gone,
The trees with all their leaves?
The birds aren’t singing cheerful songs;
The days so quickly leave.
Children playing merrily,
Young mothers in the park-
Their days are brightly shining,
Mine are finged with shadows dark.
The newlyweds are starry-eyed;
Then with babies newly born.
Was I ever one of them?
Have I always been this worn?
I used to see a mountain,
But now it’s just a hill.
A wide and rushing river
Is now a stream that’s almost still.
The thoughts of my tomorrows
Brought smiles upon my face.
But now my brow is fearful
With sadness set in place.
Where have all the flowers gone?
They wilted, blew away.
For they were part of what was youth
That dropped on by but couldn’t stay.


2 thoughts on ““Scattered Flowers”…..Lyrics by Lynda

  1. Anna Hovancik

    This poem makes me so sad. The hardest part as the daughter of the author is the heartbreak of knowing that perhaps your mother feels this way. The flowers aren’t gone…now they are in the form of grandchildren 🙂

    1. Lynda Harris

      Well now, when you put it this way, I would have to wholeheartedly agree. Thing is, is that I wrote it back when I didn’t have any grandchildren. But I would have loved for them to have seen and known me when I was much younger! But, indeed, they are the most beautiful flowers God ever made.


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