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“The Incomprehensible”……Lyrics by Lynda

“The Incomprehensible”

Who can ever comprehend
The rugged canyon walls-
Its soaring depths, its magnitude,
Its silent, beckoning call?

Who can ever comprehend
Its vast and open space?
It paralyzes so the mind,
Rejecting one’s embrace.

Who can ever comprehend
The way it all began…
One wild and racing river
Carving history through the land?

Who can ever comprehend
What spans six billion years…
The plight of ancient peoples
Who lived and journeyed here?

Who can ever comprehend
Its grandeur and its grace,
From breathless views upon its rim
To rushing rapids at its base?

Who can ever comprehend
Its eerie solitude;
So hushed within its vastness-
To speak seems almost rude.

Who can ever comprehend
The strength and quiet peace
It offers forth without an end-
Who could ever comprehend?
Not I.


“ULTRAsound…..Lyrics by Lynda


I’ve seen a tiny baby,
So new and still unborn.
Curled within his mother’s womb,
Protected, safe, and warm.

I’ve heard its little heartbeat:
Steady, small, but strong.
And seen him kick his little feet
And flex his growing arm.

And oh, the eyes! His little eyes,
He opens now and then…
An awesome, wondrous glimpse
Of his precious soul within.

His journey’s almost finished,
His Creator’s nearly done
Completing all the miracles
Before he’s due to come.

And when that day arrives-
Oh my, will I be there!
To be a part of yet another
Who was molded in His care.

“Patterns Repeated”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“Patterns Repeated”

Momma’s busy; run along.
I haven’t time to hear your song.
Perhaps another day will do,
A better time to hear you through.

Momma’s busy, not today.
I mustn’t stop; I can’t delay.
Try again another time
If then you see a minute’s mine.

Momma’s busy; hurry on.
Tomorrow we will plan your prom.
Tomorrow we will buy your gown.
Today, however, chores abound.

Momma’s busy; beg me not
To call it quits and early stop.
I know your wedding’s soon to be;
We’ll get it done, I promise thee.

Momma’s rested. Done at last.
Now I’ve time to sit and laugh.
Recite those stories sweet and dear
The ones I hadn’t time to hear.

Momma’s lonely; let me come
And baby-sit your precious son.
My, but how you’re on the go-
Every day you hurry so.

Momma’s puzzled, saddened too-
What happened to the child I knew?
My little girl is fully grown,
Hurried days now hers to own.

Momma sheds a silent tear,
Shakes her head at what she hears-
Those ancient phrases loosely said
Now her daughter says instead:

“Momma’s busy; run along.
I haven’t time to hear your song.
Another day, my little son,
When Momma isn’t on the run.”

“Chance Meeting”……Lyrics by Lynda

“Chance Meeting”

She drove forward to the window
To withdraw a bit of cash.
A routine, simple errand-
On her list, it was the last.

He walked in, approached the counter
To deposit needed cash.
Just a routine, simple errand-
On his list, it was the last.

She looked in and started grinning,
So familiar was this man.
And casting out embarrassment
She started waving with her hand.

He looked up and started grinning,
He had known her long in life.
And casting out embarrassment
He waved back toward his wife.

“Escape into Solitude”….Lyrics by Lynda

“Escape into Solitude”

Where comes this need to be alone?
Many want to know.
Not even she can understand-
‘Cept when it’s time to go.

She packs her bags and bids goodbye
To those she truly loves.
They smile, but cannot really grasp
Why they are not enough.

Excitement fills her being,
While guilt invades her mind:
Why this need for solitude,
To leave them all behind?

A special place she runs to,
Quiet and serene.
Everything in order,
Like she strives for things to be.

No one calling out her name;
She issues no commands.
Everything is in its place,
Nothing out of hand.

Someone once suggested
‘Perfection’s what she seeks.
And out here, where she runs to,
She finds its company.’

Perhaps within his wisdom
He hit upon the truth:
A part of her is nurtured
By this perfect solitude.

And so I ask forgiveness
For this part of me I am,
And also seek acceptance
From those who cannot understand.