“The Request”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“The Request”

He had fallen in love for a second time,
Never plotting or planning that her he would find.
Nor had he wished it would ever occur:
In love as he was with the wife he adored.

Without any warning, she was suddenly there
And surprisingly so, he found that he cared.
Revealing the truth to his wife, who was shocked,
She asked him to leave and bolted the lock.

Soon after, he learned that his lover was ill
And determined to stay and love her until…..
He asked of his wife could he go for awhile
To be with his other through difficult trials.

And when it was over, he’d want to return
To be with his wife where his passion still burned.
She gave him his leave and bid him goodbye-
Angry and heartsick, for days she would cry.

His lover lived on a few months and was gone,
He aimlessly wandered, just getting along.
Till finally he made his way back to her door
And begged to come home like it all was before.

But the time apart had forced her to be
Independent and strong, successfully free.
She said it was over; it would no longer work.
She had dealt with the tears and conquered the hurt.

Her life had gone on although he had left,
His turn had come to deal with the rest.
The grief was now his, the aloneness in life,
For thus he had neither: not lover nor wife.


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