“And From This Web, The Dew”…….Lyrics by Lynda

“And From This Web, The Dew”

This woeful web of dailiness
That comes to plague us all
Must exist to catch the dew
That sometimes sweetly falls.

There’s never any way to know
If, amid our grueling day,
There’ll come a moment so exquisite,
We pause to see it pass our way.

And should we be unwilling
Each day to persevere,
Our blinded eyes would fail to see
The dew that may have settled near.

So often, it is silent,
Unnoticed by the rest;
Below an office window,
A robin builds her nest.
How great the chance to be above-
Where oft’ we are below-
To view the birth of baby birds
And then to watch them grow.

Or maybe on a wintry day,
A cold and snowy morn,
You marvel how the world is dressed
In virgin white throughout the storm.

And just as gently as the dew
Drifts in to settle round,
Perhaps a friend should chance to say
A word to turn your frown.

Or maybe on a busy day
Amid a set routine-
There, suddenly, the hand of God
You know you felt, unseen.
And with great appreciation
You marvel how He cared.
The warmth you felt in knowing that
In all the world, He saw “you” there.

And so come hence, you woeful web;
Do spin yourself anew.
Come hither unto me each day
And I will catch your dew!


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