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New York

LANTERNS OF THE SOUL is scheduled to appear in an ad in The New York Review Of Books on July 11th, and also in another ad in The New York Times Sunday Book Review in the July 14th issue.


Listen to my TogiNet Radio Interview

My interview with the TogiNet Radio station can now be listened to via my book’s website which is in the Media section. Just click onto that section. Take a peek for me!

“Illusions” Lyrics by Lynda


Although the sky seems blue, ’tis not.
And do we see the wind a lot?
We don’t. For only in the swaying trees
Is shown the wind to you and me.

A mountain looming far and still
Would seem to be but o’re that hill.
When oft’ we hope that something’s near
We sadly learn ’twas never here.

If dare I seek to read your heart,
Because I’ve known you from the start,
Invariably, I’ll read you wrong
While sure I knew you all along.

And wonder I how well we know
The part of us that never shows.
How deep goes truth till fantasy
Disguises true reality?

“Inwardly Speaking” Lyrics by Lynda

I wrote this when I was expecting my 3rd baby, and now that 3rd baby is expecting her first one and will find out the sex this week. Life has come full circle yet again. I signed it way back then “we love you, little one”, and once again, this is for her.

“Inwardly Speaking”

You came to us when God stepped in
And said we weren’t to question Him,
But that He wanted you to “be”-
So now, today, you’re part of me.

In truthfulness, it took some time
To comprehend that you were mine.
For many moons have risen high
Since last I sang a lullaby.

But on the day you leave this mold,
When then I see I’m not too old,
The joy I felt each birth before
I know I’ll feel, again, once more.

So fear you not, my little one,
For in the spring the day will come
When I will hold you close to me
And you will feel my love for thee.

And in a cradle you will sleep,
While Mommy tries her best to keep
Her tears of wondrous love, somehow
From tumbling down upon your brow.

But as for now, you’re still so small-
The time of year is only fall.
The dreary days of winter months
Must pass before you’re born to us.

And so, my sweet, I pray to Him
Who planted you so deep within,
That every day will mean to you
The perfect growth of something new.

And I will do my very best
To keep you safe inside your nest.
We’ll work together still as one
Till nature says our job is done.

And on the day that you are born
They’ll wrap you up to keep you warm.
And when they lay you by my side
Once more, I’ll hum a lullaby.
And now, we love “your little one”.

Toginet Radio Interview

My interview with the Toginet Radio people has just wrapped. The interview will be live this Sunday afternoon at 3pm on their iUniverse website on The Author Talk show. In a few weeks, it will also be downloaded unto my book’s website…, and maybe unto my facebook page. Please look for it.

“The Fisherman”……..Lyrics by Lynda

“The Fisherman”

Today I saw him fishing
From an isolated ramp.
He didn’t know I saw him-
I was really glad for that.

He was sitting in a chair,
A chair with special wheels.
But still he sat there fishing,
Just himself, his rod and reel.

It was certainly secluded,
A ramp for only one.
His back was to the passersby
While he faced the lowering sun.

I wondered, was he lonely
As he sat there so alone?
Or maybe while he’s fishing,
He forgets the grief he’s known.

A tragic deed has struck him
That forbids he’ll ever stand-
But he won’t deny the hobby
That made him a fisherman.

I admire so his courage-
He rose above his fate.
He chose to use the worms
And not himself as bait.

I bet he goes there often-
His spot upon the lake.
And maybe others dare to stop
To hear his story until late.

I found myself among them;
I could stop and be a friend.
But a nagging thought possessed me
As I drove on past and round the bend.

What if he should ask me
“Would I have stopped and cared a lot
If I’d seen him ‘standing’ on the ramp?”
And I knew: no, probably not.

So I pray he wasn’t lonely,
This fisherman alone.
But I’m not the one courageous
To invade this space he owns.