“The Sacrifice”……..Lyrics By Lynda


They were playing in the ocean,
A mother and her sons.
A warm and sultry summer’s day,
A bit of harmless fun.

Too suddenly it happened,
Not a warning nor a sign-
Like an undersea tornado
It sucked them out in little time.

The older boy was strongest,
Pulling free—-his mom implored
That he try to swim to safety,
So he headed back to shore.

Vowing he would save them both,
Yet his race for help was slow-
Exhausted by his struggle
And still so far to go.

Her little one was floundering,
Too young to hold his own.
He couldn’t tread the water
Nor could he swim alone.

She knew the chance was very slim
That help would come in time.
To save her son from drowning,
She would leave herself behind.

She’d put him on her shoulders
And show him how to clap
The water with his little hands
And stay afloat like that.

She’d be underneath the water
And would fight to hold her breath,
But she would die so he could live-
It was all that she had left.

In tears she kissed her son goodbye
And trying to be brave
She placed him on her shoulders,
And slipped beneath the waves.

The rescue team was summoned
By the son who swam to shore.
Arriving out to sea, they found
His little brother, only four.

He was clapping at the water
And sobbing, yet alive.
Too late to save their mother-
She had known she’d not survive.

In dying, she had given life,
No greater one can be.
Her sons are living tributes
To that choice she made at sea.
In memory of the woman who did this!


One thought on ““The Sacrifice”……..Lyrics By Lynda

  1. Anna

    Stunning account of a true story. This one gets me every time. This makes me think of my own mother and her sacrifices she has made for me.


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